HIT Motto
Campus Life and Student Development
About HIT

OUR DESTINY: To be recognized as a reference point to student development.

OUR CALLING: To design and develop programmes that focus on holistic student development

We are committed the holistic development and realization of the full potential of students. To this end, we provide an environment sensitive to, and respectful of other people’s views within a diverse community evidenced by a code of conduct that rejects violence, harassment and all forms of hindrance.

In endeavoring to achieve our vision and effectively fulfill our mandate, we shall uphold the following core values:


Our Programmes

Key result area:

Provision of high quality empowerment and development education. We are committed to ensuring that all students are aware of their responsibilities, rights, freedoms in the local and global community.

Learning at HIT does not reside solely in the classroom. The development of the whole student takes place in every aspect of life on campus. The social events, sports competitions   participation in clubs and societies are fields for debate, laughter, and friendship.

The Campus Life Office is dedicated   to the enhancement of holistic student development, especially in soft skills. We empower students to effectively operate in society through the development of soft skills during operations and negotiations.

The Office is responsible for student development through training in leadership, counselling and other developmental strategies. Mentoring and implementation of skills is conducted through SRC Governance and opportunities in clubs and societies. Campus Life Office seeks to provide an environment, in which students not only learn, but seek to offer solutions.


Student Development and Campus Life Activities

Beyond mere recreation; clubs and societies offer opportunities for making new friends and developing peer leadership skills. Student government offer opportunities for students to serve their fellow students, their local community, and the world, at large. We engage in the following activities:


Guidance and Counselling