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Journal of Innovation and Technopreneurship (JIT)


The Journal of Innovation and Technopreneurship (JIT) is a bi-annual, print, peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality original research papers, short communications, case studies and review articles on Innovation and Technopreneurship. Journal of Innovation and Technopreneurship (JIT) is an international journal whose objective is to become a main starting place of analysing the issues of innovation and technopreneurship in order to be a powerful channel of technology incubation, transfer and commercialisation. This will foster interaction between policy-makers, government agencies, industry, academic and research institutions to study more on the field of innovation and technopreneurship as they contribute to sustainable industrialization of developing economies. With this journal, we invite original papers of practical, theoretical and empirical nature, rooted in the disciplines of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology management.

All articles will be reviewed by experts in the subject area theme of the manuscript. Manuscripts must be at most 20 pages in length and use Times New Roman font type, size 12 and 1.5 spacing. The Journal of Innovation and Technopreneurship (JIT) shall use the Harvard System of Referencing.

Please forward your paper to the Email Id: hitjitjournal@gmail.com  CC: mmasunda@hit.ac.zw or tdc@hit.ac.zw

We kindly request you to submit your articles/papers.



We welcome articles interpreting contemporary problems of economy based on knowledge and innovations. Furthermore, a vital area of investigation is the analysis of the issue of measuring and managing innovation, technology incubation, transfer and commercialisation, design thinking and methods of assessing and evaluating intellectual property on both enterprise and economy levels. A related area is the concept of technopreneurial knowledge management in an enterprise, including modern methods of knowledge management. The journal covers the three key areas which are:


The Technopreneurship area of the Journal 


The Management area of the Journal

Management as a thematic scope of the journal, focuses on theoretical and empirical considerations of various areas, such as:


The Innovation area of the Journal

The innovation area of the Journal's focus emphasizes a broad range of topics and approaches, including:


Invitation for Editors and Reviewers

We are seeking high profile, qualified, competent and dedicated professionals to join our editorial team as editors and reviewers for our journal. You may submit your curriculum vitae to hitjitjournal@gmail.com and copy mmasunda@hit.ac.zw or tdc@hit.ac.zw


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