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Vice Chancellor Eng. Q.C Kanhukamwe addressing Technology Centre staff

Vice Chancellor Calls for Technical Convergence

The Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology, Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe has called on all HIT technicians to embrace unity of purpose in the discharge of their duties at the Institute and to give greater impetus to the realization of the HIT mandate.

"Sectional interests and uncoordinated activities will defer the productivity and effectiveness of the Institute's technical arm", he said.

The technicians were urged to embrace a multi-disciplinary approach to the discharge of their duties and yield to the demands of Institute –wide projects.

"All technicians are being called to deliver and contribute and work on Institute-wide projects. They must move beyond the call of duty and put the mandate of the Institute first, ahead of departmental appointments and boundaries," said Engineer Kanhukamwe.

It is envisioned that all technicians, in their various areas of specialty and uniqueness will collectively contribute to the development and realization of the Technology Centre's mandate and ultimately, the HIT mandate.

The Technology Centre, a Centre of Excellence at HIT, is a strategic unit of the Institute set up to promote the development of manufacturing activities from across the various academic units of the Institute.

The Technology Centre also attends to production orders from industry and commerce in line with the HIT commercialisation drive. It is also mandated to give competence development training in technical and management courses to industry, commerce as well as to the Small Scale and Medium Enterprises sector. It also promotes school wide inter-departmental convergence that leads to the establishment of various research groups in inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches.