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Technology Centre Strengthens Focus and Activities

The Technology Centre, a strategic unit of the Harare Institute of Technology has strengthened its focus and operational activities on technology research and development, production and training, in line with the Institute’s mandate, which is to develop, incubate, transfer and commercialise technology.

The Technical Training Services Unit, headed by Eng. N. Chirinda is set to offer unique training courses, in line with the HIT Mandate.

Eng. Z.N Duri will head the Research, Development and Production unit, and is expected to generate an industry framework integrating research, development and production. The unit is tasked with formulating perfect systems including the loading of technicians, production schedules, research schedules, testing and timelines. The Research, Development and Production unit will also be involved in every project’s implementation and delivery stages, as well as providing back-up services to all departmental projects, in liaison with the Vice Chancellor.

The two units shall also have access to Intellectual Property (IP) and non-disclosure documents so as to protect IP generation, instill confidence, uphold the integrity of both internal and external stakeholders and the Institute brand. Another important task for the unit is the set-up of quality assurance systems.

The two units under the Technology Centre are currently working together to come up with modifications on the operations of the strategic business unit and give feedback to the Board.

The Technology Centre (TC) is a strategic unit of Harare Institute of Technology with a unique and important mandate to drive technology development, incubation, transfer and commercialisation through the promotion of manufacturing activities across all academic departments within the Institute in an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach.  Under the Technology Centre, research and development outputs from both students and staff are translated into functional prototypes for commercialisation.