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Technology Centre challenged to increase production capacity

Acting Vice Chancellor Eng. Kanhukamwe addressing Technology Centre staff in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering workshop

The Acting Vice Chancellor has once again challenged the Technology Centre staff to come out of their cocoons and assume national responsibilities by ramping up production activities within the centre to create wealth and employment.

He said it is the responsibility of the TC to create employment by translating student Capstone Design Projects into tangible technologies that can be commercialised thus helping in improving the livelihoods of Zimbabweans.

They would also help in mitigating the adverse effects of imports which our economy is largely dependent on by manufacturing equipment and tools. He singled out the Solar Drier and the Hatchery projects, which he said have the potential to cause an economic revolution in Zimbabwe.

“Imagine the impact they will make if we equip our communities with solar driers and the hatcheries, they would dry vegetables and fruits that are rotting and package them for local sale and exports at the same time the hatcheries would be used to produce chickens that we are importing from South Africa apart from the eggs also”, he said.

He noted that downstream industries can also be created such as packaging, transporting, advertising and retailing.

“It's incumbent upon us as HIT to lead in the economic revolution of Zimbabwe as a tribute to those who liberated us, no one but ourselves will have to do it. Don't look outside for charity, if the Chinese, who have the same blood, breath the same air and has the same pair of hands like you did it, I see absolutely nothing stopping you. Zimbabwe has all the resources and only needs your leadership”, he challenged them.

The Vice Chancellor also told the TC personnel that the nation was highly expectant of HIT to produce tangibles because of its hands-on curriculum that inculcates innovation and technoprenuership.
The TC is a strategic business unit of HIT whose mandate is to promote (the development of) production and manufacturing activities from the various academic units within the Institute as well as to take orders from industry and commerce.

The TC has two distinct and complimentary sections, which are Research, Consultancy the Technical Training Unit and the Production Unit. These units link all school expertise, workshops and laboratories of academic units in an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to enhance training, research and development. The set-up also links all academic departments to provide tailor made training interventions responsive to industry's needs.

Its major focus is on translating students Capstone Design projects into tangibles that can be commercialised.

Some of the products manufactured by the Technology Centre

Solar DrierSolar DrierProducts manufactured by the Technology CentreProducts manufactured by the Technology CentreProducts manufactured by the Technology CentreProducts manufactured by the Technology CentreProducts manufactured by the Technology Centre