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Instichem Launches New Products

Instichem Products

InstiChem, a chemical engineering business unit of the Harare Institute of Technology's Department of Chemical and Process Systems Engineering has launched a range of chemical products that include detergents such as toilet cleaner, dish wash and car wash.

Chairperson of the Department of Chemical and Process Systems Engineering, Eng. Mercy Manyuchi said that the production of fine chemicals and detergents from InstiChem to meet the local and national needs is economically and technically feasible and is a source of funds for the department and the Institute as a whole.

Mr. Perkins Muredzi, Dean of the School of Industrial Sciences and Technology commended the development of organic detergents by InstiChem as a noble idea.

"The company's goals are to produce quality products from the use of our natural resources to produce quality branded products for our local market consumers.  It is envisaged that InstiChem will mature into a production unit that will delve into other areas of chemical plant design and deployment of technologies relevant for the development of solutions for our local chemical industry in line with the Institute's mandate", he said.

Driven by the HIT mandate, InstiChem strives to be the hub of technology incubation and transfer in chemical engineering technology through technopreneurship. Its vision is to satisfy the customer through high professionalism and excellence in chemical engineering.

Instichem is also set to launch other products such as a Degreaser, Engine cleaner, Drain cleaner and a Stain remover.