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HIT sends more than 30 staff members for Post Graduate studies in India

Indian Ambassador Reaffirms Support for HIT

The Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Jeitendra Tripathi has reaffirmed his country’s support for Harare Institute of Technology’s commitment to deepen co-operation in areas of technology transfer and staff exchange with Indian institutions.

The ambassador expressed his unwavering support during a visit to the embassy by a HIT delegation. The delegation had gone to brief him on the Institute’s progress on forging relations with Indian technology institutions.

Mr Tripathi said he was impressed with the outputs of the Technology Centre and was sure HIT will harness more technologies for national development. He also encouraged HIT to go ahead and implement the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Delhi Technological University.

…As HIT sends more than 30 staff members for Post Graduate studies in India

Under the MoU entered into by HIT and Dehli Technological University (DTU) as well as Jawaharlal Nehru University JTU (India) , HIT has send some of its lecturers and assistant lecturers to study for Master of Technology and Doctor of Technology degrees in India under a staff development fellowship agreement.

The staff comprised mostly assistant lecturers from the Schools of Engineering and Technology, Industrial Sciences and Technology as well as those from the School of Information Sciences and Technology.

The agreements seek to promote cooperation in all appropriate and agreed areas of research and teaching the development of new areas of research,documentation sharing, dissemination and sharing of information of mutual interest,as well as facilitating the exchange and cooperation of the universities` staff, engaging in staff development, supervision and examination of students, co publications, mounting of conferences and other areas of mutual interest.

Addressing the Indian bound staff at a breakfast farewell meeting on campus, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Engineer Q.C Kanhukamwe acknowledged the support that has been rendered by the Indian Embassy in Zimbabwe in processing the necessary travelling documents and residence permits in India. “It is our hope that as this group leaves to India they will indeed come back as specialists, with the expertise that will make this institution an institute of technology in the same realm as DTU and JTU. The agreement shall run for five years so our thinking is within the period of five years we will have capacitated ourselves to the extend where there will be free flow of professors from our Institute and the two Indian Universities and the supervision of doctoral students”, he said

“The Institute will be there to lend you as much support as we can and we will not leave you alone there, you can be rest assured. We wish you the very best and we hope that you will begin publishing whilst you still studying”.

Speaking at the sending off ceremony, a representative from the Indian Embassy in Harare, urged the fellows to learn a lot from India and bring that knowledge back to Zimbabwe and put it to use so that nation can benefit. “I hope you will have a very good and wonderful time in India”, he said.

Under the MoU, HIT is sending some of its lecturers to study for Master of Technology and Doctor of Technology degrees at DTU. Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) is India's top ranking Technological Institution, recognized worldwide for its quality education, research and innovation. With its illustrious history of Engineering Excellence spawning over 70 years, the DTU is committed to provide to the nation, and to the world at large, the vital human and intellectual capital to meet the challenges of 21stCentury.