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I.T. Students Tour Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC)

Students and staff from the School of Information Sciences and Technology toured the High Performance Computing Centre (ZHPC) at the University of Zimbabwe on 3 November 2017 to explore the facility and assess its efficacy in the development of complex algorithms; as well as to seek access to the facility in preparation for their Capstone Design Projects.

The Zimbabwe High Performance Computing Project provides key solutions in solving contemporary problems such as climate change, food security, poverty, disease, energy and human capital development,- through advanced research. The Centre is also currently in the process of connecting all state universities and academia for advanced research in various scientific, engineering and technological areas.

It was commissioned on 6 February 2015, under the e-Governance cluster of the national development policy - ZIMASSET.  

High Performance Computing generally refers to a practice of aggregating computing power in an approach that delivers much higher performance than one could attain out of a typical desktop computer or workstation to solve complex problems in science, engineering, weather forecasting, simulations, or any field of concern. The technology is implemented in multidisciplinary areas such as information technology, information security, computer sciences, financial modelling, biosciences, geographical data, oil and gas industry modelling, electronic design automation, climate modelling, media and entertainment. The most common users of HPC systems are scientific researchers, engineers and academic institutions.