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HIT Strategic Plan: Vison 2015 Reviewed...

Some of the participants at the Strategic Plan Review workshop in NyangaThe Institute`s senior management and Chairpersons of all Academic Departments recently converged in Nyanga for a three day workshop at Troutbeck Inn Resort to review the Strategic Plan: Vision 2015 – Designing the Future

The main objective of this review workshop was to look at the alignment process relating to the Institutes`s mandate, destiny, cause, calling and core values , making additions, adjustments and changes to the Strategic Plan where necessary, looking at what has worked and what did not and how the plan can be improved.

In his opening remarks on the first day of the retreat, Acting Vice Chancellor Eng. Quinton Kanhukamwe indicated that the Institute entered a new phase when they devised the Strategic Plan Vision 2015 – Designing the Future at their first strategic planning workshop.

“All universities educate students and pursue research, but great universities lead in educating by changing what they teach and how they teach as well as how the students learn. They lead in research by creating new knowledge and by identifying new solutions and new directions for research”, said the Acting Vice Chancellor.

He added that the Institute`s stakeholders expect it to keep pace with the rapid changes in the world and therefore there is need to be responsive to those expectations.

“We need to invoke our Institutes' motto – success through innovation. As leaders, designers, and inventors our task is articulated and capsulated in our mandate and is not only solving problems but to shape the future of our nation. To accomplish this, we must not only design the methods and approaches people will use to solve problems but the new ways in which we interact with and educate our students”, said Eng. Kanhukamwe.

He also emphasized that the Institute`s Strategic Plan has to be a living document and will have to evolve as the Institute also evolves therefore it needs to be reviewed periodically in order to critically examine progress and measure success.

“We must aim at creating a dynamic and active academic climate that combines the best practices and qualities of teaching, research and innovation, where staff and students work in close collaboration to consistently invoke research , inquiry and investigations as well as expanding and contributing to knowledge and scholarship”, he said.

The Strategic Plan Review Workshop also took into consideration assessments and comments by the Institute`s major shareholders like the government as well as critically and introspectively looking into the Institute and find out what have been it weaknesses and strengths, and how to overcome the weaknesses.

“This retreat must give us the energy, the drive and the strength to accomplish the mandate that our government gave us”, said the Acting Vice Chancellor.

Participants at this workshop were all agreed that the Institute must not merely respond to changes but must anticipate changes and shape the future rather than responding to it.

The Strategic Plan : Vision 2015 was developed to provide the necessary pointers to management as it implements the institutional mandate. It provides the framework for development of plans and strategies across all teaching, research and administrative areas of the university.