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HIT Academics @ 11th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium

Professor Mazuru GundidzaTwelve papers were presented by HIT academics at the 11th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium held at the Harare International Conference Centre from 16 to 17 February. The symposium was held under the theme "Research for Unlocking Entrepreneurship: Bridging the Gap."

Women Technopreneurs in Zimbabwe: A Framework to Help Boost Sustainable Engineering Business for Zimbabwean Women L. Masiyazi, W. Mutenhabundo and B. Nyakutsikwa

Production of Food Grade Aliginate from Local Zimbabwean Algae Species V. Mukamba and A. Musengi

Process Factors Affecting Biocoal Production from Organic Municipal Waste Dr. Eng. M.M. Manyuchi

Physico -Chemical Monitoring of Industrial Wastewater Quality: Case of Aspindale Oil Plant -National Foods Limited: Zimbabwe
S.M. Chikwanha, A Phiri, L. Pisa and M.T. Tungwarara

Recovery of Water from Central Effluent Treatment Plant using Powdered Activated Carbon / Ultra Filtration(PAC/UF) hybrid System A.T. Fungura, S. Kiruthika and Dr S. Prabakar

Production of Nicotinic Acid from Tobacco Waste F.M. Saziya and A. Chidembese

A Pulse Width Modulation Charge Controller for Promoting the Adoption of Renewable Energy for Zimbabwe's Socio-EconomicChallenges T. Zvavashe, L. Hube, T. Chamunorwa and K. Nyachionjeka

Network based remote monitoring system for solar powered LED street lighting K. Chiteka, T. Zvavashe and L. Rwodzi

Automatic Transfer Switch for Multi - powered Domestic and Industrial Entities T. Zvavashe, P. Mushapaidzi, P. Musiiwa and V. Kuno

Adoption of Flexible Manufacturing Systems for Industrial Productiveness in Zimbabwe W. Mutenhabundo, L. Masiyazi and K. Chiteka

Automated Cattle -tracking System for Ranch V. Kuno, B. Chikwiri, and R.Duri K. Nyachionjeka

An Investigation of Interventions to Accelerate Alcohol Production during Opaque Beer Production I. Kanganga and A. Musengi

Professor Mazuru GundidzaProfessor Mazuru GundidzaProfessor Mazuru GundidzaProfessor Mazuru GundidzaProfessor Mazuru GundidzaProfessor Mazuru Gundidza Professor Mazuru Gundidza Professor Mazuru Gundidza