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Industrial Sciences & Technology

The School in the HIT Strategic Plan 2015 – Designing the Future

Harare Institute of Technology aspires to become a premier institute of science and technology on the global stage and be recognised as one of the top 50 world class university of technology by 2015. Achieving world classness and internationaliasation of our teaching and learning and research programmes is the passion and the driving force of HIT’s management, school staff and students.

The University seeks to excel as it enters the new phase in its development which is characterized by responsiveness to emerging needs, cutting edge high-technology, research and scholarship which will ensure that HIT becomes the University of first choice for engineering technology education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The University will prioritise the development of Centres of Excellence leading to it becoming a world class institute of technology.

A nation without a sound manufacturing and engineering background is doomed. HIT recognises this and has adopted this foal as proof of its commitment to national expectations. HIT will provide the necessary leadership and expertise to industry in this area while encouraging its graduates to embark on manufacturing and engineering enterprises. HIT as a university of technology realizes the importance of underpinning its pedagogy with the technology ethos.

In the HIT Strategic Plan 2015-Designing the Future, the School of Industrial Sciences & Technology will aim to raise the following:

  1. Stakeholder participation in curricula development and review
  2. Levels of expertise in pharamaceutical industry
  3. Number of international students and exchange students
  4. Level of research competencies in pharmaceuticals
  5. Awareness and expertise in the biotechnology field
  6. Commercialisation of traditional biotechnologies
  7. Standards of design and innovation / capestone design projects

In the HIT Strategic Plan 2015-Designing the Future, the School of Industrial Sciences & Technology will aim to create the following:

  1. Globally competitive and responsive curricula
  2. Multidisciplinary pharmaceutical technology education standards
  3. Pharmaceutical formulation technology
  4. Insticosmetic herbs
  5. Polymer technologies
  6. Exotic food formulations and product development
  7. National biotechnology education standards
  8. National ‘culture’ collection repository

Key activities as outlined in the Plan:

Activity Timeline KPI’s
Establish fully fledged school 2010-2012
  • School established
  • 70% Employer Perception Index on graduate quality achieved
Establish Tactical Research Groups 2010-2015 At least 2 commercilaisable research outputs and outcomes realised
Launch of 3 undergraduate programmes 2010-2015
  • 60% of graduates start own enterprise
  • 30% of graduates sector competency requirements
  • 10% of graduates internationally employable
Development of Insti-cosmetic Herb products 2010-2015 At least 4 Insti-cosmetic herbs developed, contributing 0.05% towards budget
Establish a National Culture Collection repository 2014-2015 National Culture Collection Repository established, contributing 0.05% towards budget
Initiate process of formulating national sector – specific standards  
  • HIT pharmaceutical Technology Education Standards produced
  • Hit Biotechnology Education Standards produced
  • HIT Food Processing Technology Education standards produced