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School of Industrial Sciences & Technology (SIST) – Industry linkages …”Smart partnerships Towards Mutual Enhancement”

The School of Industrial Sciences & Technology values its linkages with industry and notes that the issues of university – industry linkages have gradually immerged in the discussion on strengthening higher education systems as a strategy to enhance the relevance of teaching and research activities in universities. With the current era of globalisation, the university systems need to be more responsive to the current demand by producing graduates with degrees which are relevant to the needs of Zimbabwe. The university must improve its capacity to cater more proactively to the increasing demands of the economy and society and to strengthen its core objective and mission. Similarly, the industrial sectors need to play a more active role in supporting and interfacing with universities for mutual benefits and integration of knowledge and experience.

The following broad categories of linkage mechanisms, both pertaining to teaching and research activities are identified:

  1. Research and Development activities
  2. Consultancy (conducted on formal and informal basis)
  3. Teaching and Curriculum Development

The following mutual benefits for universities are perceived from stronger collaboration with industries:

  1. Opportunity to attract funds for initial teaching and research, thus increasing the financial aspect of HIT, considering the dwindling resources trickling form Government through the MHTE
  2. Acquisition of or access to up-to-date equipment
  3. Opportunities for HIT staff and students to become familiar with state of the art industrial science and technology
  4. Improved interaction of Departments in the School and employers for the development and adaptation of technology oriented programmes , and
  5. Improved training and employment prospects for students

SIST’s Roles and Functions with regard Industry

  1. One stop centre for information related with industry and HIT
  2. Collaborating with industries on research and consultancy projects
  3. Promoting technology transfer and forming joint venture companies
  4. Facilitate student internship / attachment and employability with the industries

The linkages between universities and industries are not new. As society becomes more educated, human needs are likely to become more complex. The chances of satisfying the sophisticated needs can be improved by having more intensive collaboration between industries and universities. The survival of industries and universities will depend on the ability to continuously meet prevalent market needs. While external inputs of knowledge would contribute to internal R&D, considerable in – house development work is needed to transform ideas into marketable products.

Industry’s major expectations from universities can be broadly divided into provision of human resources and R&D. Universities form the training ground to replenish industry’s human resources needs and equip human resources with relevant skills and competencies. On the R&D front, universities can provide testing ground for new products and services. Universities can also furnish leading edge thoughts on technology, market trends and customer needs. In this respect, the Vice Chancellor of HIT, Eng .Q.C. Kanhukamwe has made it the responsibility of the School of Industrial Sciences & Technology to look seriously into the formulation of test- bed and incubators at HIT’s Technology Centre and the envisaged Science Park and undertake R&D projects in collaboration with industry.

Established Industrial Linkages

Dairibord Holdings Kefalos Schweppes Holdings
Certificate programme in Food Science & Technology- Milk & Dairy processing is offered to Dairibord Holdings staff employed in the various milk processing factories owned countrywide Certificate programme Milk & Dairy Processing – Quality Assurance is offered to Kefalos staff employed at the Kefalos factory, Mubaira near Harare Certificate & Diploma programmes in Beverages Manufacturing are offered to Schweppes Holdings Staff