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  • How do I find out when I should write my examinations?
    Information relating to examination timetables is available from the Examination Office and will be published on the official Institute Notice Board and the website.
  • My course does not appear on the timetable, what should I do?
    You should contact your Departmental Chairperson in the first instance and appropriate corrections would be effected on the consolidated timetable by the Examinations Office.
  • Do examination dates change?
    For each examination session, there will be the First Draft, Second Draft and the Final Examination Timetable. Changes can occur to the timetable, therefore please ensure that you check your Final Examination Timetable which is published two weeks before commencement of each examination session.
  • I have two examinations on the same day and time: what should I do?
    This may happen in the case of carryover courses and you are expected to inform the Examination Office through your Departmental Chairperson so that arrangements are made so for you to write one of the examinations during the morning session and remain under supervision until you are escorted to the other examination when the afternoon session commences.
  • Where do I get Rules for student conduct at Examinations?
    For the Rules for student conduct at Examinations, please go to downloads.
  • What constitute misconduct at Examinations?
    The Rules for student conduct at Examinations are available from the Institute website. Students may also refer to Section 17.0 of the General Academic Regulation as well as Section 8.4 and Section 8.5 of the Student Handbook.
  • What do I require to be admitted into an examination venue?
    You must have your Student Identity Card to verify your identity before you are allowed to enter into any examination venue.
  • Can I use my mobile phone as a calculator?
    No. During an examination, students will be permitted to use only such calculators and other electronic technology as have been issued or specifically authorized by the examiners. The use of mobile telephones is not permitted and mobile telephones must be switched off during an examination.
  • Can I write an examination without passing continuous assessment in a course?
    To be admitted to any Institute examination, a candidate must have passed continuous assessment of the relevant course as prescribed by the School Regulations.
  • I have challenges with my Student Portal password, where can get assistance from?
    If you have challenges with your Student Portal password, please contact the Institute’s Information Communication Technology Services (ICTS) Department.
  • My account balance on the Student Portal is not accurate and I am failing to access my examination results, what I do?
    If you are failing to access your examination results because your Student Portal indicates that you owe the Institute when you have paid all your fees, please contact the Student Accounts Section in the Finance Department.
  • I am not able to collect my certificate from the Institute, is it possible for someone to collect it on my behalf?
    A certificate may be collected by a third party on behalf of a graduate only with written authorization in the form of an affidavit along with appropriate identification for both the graduate and the third party collecting the certificate on behalf of the graduate.
  • I have lost my certificate; can I get a replacement certificate?
    The Institute does not issue replacement certificates if your original certificate has been lost or destroyed. You may only get a confirmation letter from the Registrar